How much does taking the gre cost?

The GRE is administered by ETS and administered at Prometric testing centers. As for the cost of taking the GRE at home, all fees are exactly the same as for taking the GRE general test at a test center. The GRE fee reduction program is part of the GRE financial aid for students who want to take the GRE test but do not thrive financially. This involves requesting additional score reports (ASR), requesting a review of your gre test score, and reinstating your score.

For example, a company that you or your parents work for could buy GRE vouchers and give them to employees and their families so they can take a free GRE. And just like taking the GRE General Exam in person, you can use a voucher to pay for the GRE at home (more on that shortly). You can also find some practice tests and additional GRE preparation materials online, free of charge, or you can invest in a GRE preparation course. The ETS has different prices for the GRE General Exam and the GRE Subject Test, the latter being cheaper.

Once you have determined how much you are willing to spend on the GRE and have an idea of the cost of GRE, you can schedule your test. And finally, here is a very special Magoosh discount coupon to help make your GRE exam preparation even more affordable. Created by top-notch instructors with 99th percentile GRE scores, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through machine learning data science and then customizes your readiness program so you get the most effective preparation possible. Most students think they only have to retake the test in two cases, either because they didn't pass the test or because they got a low GRE score.

If you are planning to take the GRE and have a great financial need, ETS offers a GRE fee reduction program. Find out if your local library has GRE prep books you can borrow and check out the free GRE study resources offered by ETS. But we think PrepScholar is the best GRE preparation program available right now, especially if you find it difficult to organize your study schedule and don't know what to study.

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